Thursday, 2 January 2014

Achiltibuie June 2013 post 2: From the Bothy. Gannets, Loons, Oystercatcher Chicks.

From the place we sometimes stay in Achiltibuie it's possible to see all kinds of animal life passing (otters, porpoises, seals) and even more birdlife. Watching the gannets plummet into the sea is one of the best entertainments from the bench by the bothy's front door.

Whenever I see gannets dive I can't help but think of Robin Robertson's collection The Wrecking Light which contains the stunning 'At Roane Head', but also shorter, equally marcabre gems like 'Law of the Island' (see the post 'Into the Minch' for the poem in full). 

Young gannet flying over a family of eider:
We saw lots of black and red throated loons on this trip, although in flight it was difficult to tell which was which. This one is black throated.
And this one red:
One thing that isn't so easy to capture is the dramatic backdrop to this birdlife - they float or fly in front of Scotland's finest mountains.
Mergansers & An Teallach:
Ringed plover:
On this trip there was an oystercatcher nest close to the door. This was full of eggs when we arrived:

 Which were chicks by the time we left:

But for birdlife, Achiltibuie isn't a patch on one extraordinary Island, covered in the next post.

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